How to Make a Quality Meme

This instructable will teach you how to make an A-Grade meme. I'm making this because lately I've seen a lot of bad memes popping up, and they're ruining the semi-good name of memes. If you don'y know what a meme is, it is a picture with a caption that usually will make the image seem funny. What may drive a person to make one may change, but it mostly ends up making someone laugh. This is like the seal meme on top, where the user used this to answer a question, but also get a laugh out of it with the seal pun. You may not know it, but memes can make the world a better place, especially cat memes. Whenever I'm felling sad, I look at them and become happy again. But it doesn't work if they're not good enough quality, so I'm making this to fix the problem. I very much hope you can get something out of this instructable.

Step 1: Choosing the Picture

Choosing a picture can be hard. Like choosing between cake and ice cream, if you're into those things, of course. There are two main routes to choosing a picture. You can use one that you've made or one from the internet. I'll talk about the former of the two first. If you make one, I suggest using a picture with something like a signature or just a name. This will help you identify your pictures, and if other people copy it, they'll be copying your signature so they can't say it's they're own. But, if you have a really nice picture already, and it doesn't have a marking, you can use edit on Windows to add a mark. If you have a mac or something else, you can use a Sticky Note (the app, not paper) with your name on it next to the picture viewer and screenshot it using Command-Shift-4 where you click the top left and bottom right of the picture you want to make. This produces a picture of the area you selected before. If you have windows however, you can use paint to draw in a marking. Now, If you want to use one from the internet, you have a lot of options. Some of the most common to use are cats(in general), pepe the frog, grumpy cat, Y u no, and all the things, just to name a few. DO NOT USE ones with text already on them. This confuses the meaning of the meme and looks very messy. After you've found it, download it on to your computer. The best place to store it is in downloads.

Step 2: Adding the Text

Adding the text is probably the easiest step. They're are many meme creating websites to use such as, Meme Generator, ImgFlip, and MakeAMeme. ImgFlip can also make gifs, but that's for another instructable. For the sake of time, I'll tell you about Meme Generator. This link will take you to the part of the site that makes the memes. From there, select Choose File, find your downloads folder if you saved it in there like I suggested, and hit the Open button. You will then be asked to name your picture. Name it something that is easy to remember so you can find it on the site if you ever want to post it later.

Now you can finally start adding the text. By now, you usually have a general idea of what to put on it, but if you don't that's okay. You can make puns about the image, use the image out of context, and use random things you see in the image to base it on. Say, if you see some food in the background, and the main person has cross-eyes, you could say "Hey what's in this food?" Next Line: "I Like It!" There are millions of choices to put on your meme, and that is very hard to get by. Because of this, you should try making it with a friend, and if they laugh, most likely others will laugh. You type the first part in the upper box, and the second in the lower. If there are not enough letters in a line, it will cover the image, so keep that in mind. Once you've completed it, hit flag that has your language, and select Generate. Congratulations! You have just made your very own meme. If you would like to post a link, open the image in a new tab, and copy the url. Your meme will now live on the internet as long as the internet stays active. Also, this is my first instructable, so please comment, as I can always use feedback.



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    wilderness tech

    2 years ago

    You can also use the paint program that is on a windows 7 computer the path is:

    Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint

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    KrazyKylewilderness tech

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for letting me know, I have a Macbook so I didn't know about it. I'll add that in. ;)