How to Make a Quilled Photo Frame




There are tons and tons of quilling gifts to make. But a quilled photo frame gives the recipient a special way to remember you. This super cool quilling frame only took me an hour or two, and it was the perfect gift to give to my friend. This project has a color theme of orange, from tan to scarlet. It has a total of 47 pieces. Enjoy making this project!

P.S. Intructables wouldn't cooperate, because all the images are upside down! Ugh! So, if you want to see what it is meant to look like, view all the photos upside down!

Step 1: Assembling the Pieces

Create all the pieces.
Bigger yellow flower: Size 2 in circle sizer. Teardrop.
Smaller yellow flower: Size 3 in circle sizer. Teardrop.
Orange flower: Size 3 in circle sizer. Marquise.
Tan flower: Size 4 in circle sizer. Curved Teardrop.
White daisy: Size 4 in circle sizer. Marquise.
Scarlet flower: Size 3 in circle sizer. Teardrop.
Scarlet lotus: Size 4 in circle sizer. One Teardrop, Two Slugs.
Leaves: Size 3 in circle sizer. Marquise.

For all the centers of the flowers, I just 'eye-balled' it. Feel free to make the centers larger or smaller.

Step 2: Arranging and Gluing the Pieces

Arrange the quilled shapes as shown. Use caution on the white daisy, as I had trouble with it!
To make stems:
Start wrapping a strip on a quilling tool as you normally would. Remove and let it uncoil.

To glue it down:
Place a thin line of glue along its edge. As you can see, each stem is attached to a flower. So, glue the strip to the flower before you glue the flower down. While gluing the flower down, press lightly down on the stem, holding it to the paper for about 30 seconds. It will be in place.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Add the desired photo in the empty space. If wanted, add gemstones, sequins, etc.
And, you've just made someone the perfect gift! Enjoy!



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