How to Make a RGB LED Light Controlled by a Button

Introduction: How to Make a RGB LED Light Controlled by a Button

This is a RGB Led light controlled by a button, in this case we're using a 9V battery for power , a button for control the RGB Led light.

This can use in a room,garage,anywhere.

Step 1: Materials for This Project

The materials are:

  1. 9V battery.
  2. Power module.
  3. Battery cable.
  4. Button module.
  5. RGB module.
  6. Screwdriver.

Step 2: Connect the Battery to the Cable

We proceed to connect the battery of 9V for power the circuit.

Step 3: Connect All the Modules and Mount the Circuit to the Mounting Board

We proceed to connect the module power to turn on the circuit , then we connect the button module, and finally we connect the RGB module.

Once the board is mounted you can put ti on different ways of your choice, be creative!!!

Step 4: Turn on the Circuit

Now we proceed to turn on the circuit and click the button to turn on the light.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    can you tell me where to buy all modules?