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In this article i will teach you how you can make a simple radar with arduino.

Watch a full video tutorial here : Click Me


2.Sonar Sensor
4.Arduino Board

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Step 1: Setting Up Materials

Now first we need to set up all the materials in place on the breadboard and move on to the next step 2.

Step 2: Wiring the Circuit

Wire the circuit according to the given diagram and if you find any difficulties while wiring watch video here :

Step 3: Time to Program

All codes are provided with this instructables so you just need to upload arduino code and then install the processing 3 software from the given links and run the given processing code in processing 3.

Download Processing 3 from here :

Watch a Full video tutorial here :

Step 4: Project Ready

Our project is finally ready.

If you find any difficulties while making this project go watch a full video tutorial here :

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