How to Make a Rechargeable Led Emergency Light

Introduction: How to Make a Rechargeable Led Emergency Light

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In this instructables I will show you how make a rechargeable led emergency light using couple of old laptop batteries.

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Step 1: More Details in Video

Step 2: Components Needed

1) plastic box

2) female micro usb


4) switch

5)10 ohm resistor

6) in 4007 diode

7)2× 18650 battery

8) 4v led panel

9) 1 ohm resistor

Step 3: Holes for Components

First I make a perfect holes for usb,led,and switch then attached.

Step 4: Wiring

Connect usb wire to led indicator through a 10 ohm resistor then take a 1n 4007 diode and connect to positive wire of usb then connect both positive and negative wire to the battery next step is connecte battery positive to switch and battery negative to a 1ohm resistor then connect that to wire to led panel. Wiring is finished.Take a plastic sheet glued to the top of the box and glied the led panel to the top of the sheet

Step 5: Charging

Note: use tp4056 module to charge the batteries.

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