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Cleaning the house on regular basis is a very demanding and challenging task especially when there are kids in the house. In this Instructable, we might take a step towards the solution of this problem. Lets make a Remote Controlled Floor Cleaning Robot as well as a toy that can make your kids help you in cleaning the house and fun part is they will be playing all the time and the house will still be clean.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

A Video tutorial is the most precise way to understand a "How To" Project. This Video clearly shows How to make a Remote Controlled Floor Cleaning Robot at Home. However, also make sure to visit Step 2 for additional information and pictures.

Step 2: Order Parts: Components

  1. 6v Geared DC Motor -
  2. Two way Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. General Purpose PCB Board -
  5. Office paper Clips -

  1. 6v Geared DC Motor -
  2. Two way Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. Purpose PCB Board -
  5. Office paper Clips -

  1. 6v Geared DC Motor -
  2. Two way Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. General Purpose PCB Board -
  5. Office paper Clips -
(Note: Its better to use two momentary DPDT switches instead of four two way switches.)

From Local Store or Home - Electrical cable Raceway, PVC pipe, Wiping Cloth, Spare CD, Thread & Needle.

Step 3: Order Parts : Tools

Step 4: Lets Make the Robot

  1. Take a small piece of Electrical cable raceway, open it and on the bigger piece make 2 holes at both the sides.
  2. Take a geared DC motor, align the motor shaft to the hole and mark the points on both sides.
  3. Make holes at both the marked points. Note: Surely watch the video for better understanding...
  4. Apply hot glue and attach the motors to the electrical cable raceway on both sides.
  5. Take 4 different coloured wires and solder the wires to the motor terminals.
  6. Take two spare CD's and using super glue, paste a plastic circular piece at the center of both the CD's.
  7. Now, apply some hot glue and fix the CD to the motor shaft.
  8. Take a circular cloth and insert a thread arount the edges using a needle.
  9. Place the CD at the center of the cloth, pull the thread tightly to wrap the CD in the cloth.
  10. Repeat the step for other CD as well.

Our Floor Cleaning Robot is ready. It is now time to make a Controller for the Robot.

Step 5: Time to Make a Remote Control

  • Take a half cut PVC pipe and 4 two way switches.
  • Using hot glue, paste two switches together and make two such pairs.
  • Refer to the schematic and make connection between the switches.
  • Make 4 holes in the PVC pipe, insert and attach the switches to the PVC pipe.
  • Refer to the schematic and connect motor wires to the switch pairs.
  • Now, Take a General Purpose PCB Board and cut out an adequate size to fit two 3.7v Li-Ion Batteries.
Note: Watch the video to learn How to make a Li-ion Battery Holder at home.
  • Using Pliers, Cut four office paper clips.
  • Solder office paper clips on the PCB board opposite to eachother, so that they can hold two Li-Ion cells.
  • Refer to the schematics and connect the Battery Holder to the remote control.

Our remote controlled floor cleaning robot is ready to be used. Now, make the floor dirty and play with the Robot while cleaning the floor. In case you might have missed, have a look at the video and see how I made a Remote Controlled Floor Cleaning Robot at home.

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    3 Discussions

    Abhinav suresh

    1 year ago

    What are the advantages of this equipment


    2 years ago

    Nice idea, but would have loved if it were wireless ( maybe an ht12d and ht12e for a simple motor control circuit).

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Even if we use HT12D and HT12E decoder encoder IC, there will still be a requirement of wireless Tx & Rx module (which is slightly costly) to make it wireless remote control.

    The most efficient and affordable solution is to salvage an old RC toy for the Rx Tx circuit board and connect it to the motors on the floor cleaner, to make it a wireless RC robot.