How to Make a Bracelet W/ Ring Attached




Introduction: How to Make a Bracelet W/ Ring Attached

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Brief History: This style bracelet is called a Slave Bracelet. Slave Bracelets have been around for a long time. They were popular in the 20's and 70's. There are many different styles of Slave Bracelets. Slave Bracelets actually get their name because the ring is a "slave"to the bracelet and has nothing to do with actual slavery at all. They were very common in the renaissance era and are making their way back in style. (this is my source for the brief history)
If you would like to purchase this bracelet, it can be found here:

materials: chain, jump rings, round nose pliers, clasps, beads, eye pins, scissors/ wire cutters.

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Step 1: ChainMaille

You need 6 larger jump rings and 12 smaller ones.  
Connect all the jump rings in the pattern of large, small, large, etc. 
When you run out of larger jump rings add another small jump ring to each large one and join it to the last large one in the row.

Step 2: Making the Ring

To make the ring take the chain and wrap it around your finger to get an idea how much chain to use.  Connect the ends using a jump ring.  
With an eye pin add a bead or beads and make a loop at the end with the round nose pliers.
connect the ends to jump rings and connect the chain from the ring onto one side and add chain to the other.
Keep measuring on your hand so you know it fits properly 
add the chain maille with a jump ring 
add a chain on the opposite end of the chain maille

Step 3: Finishing the Bracelet

With the wire cutters cut enough chain to fit around your wrist.
Add clasps to the end of the chain with jump rings.
With wire and jump rings connect the chainmaille to the bracelet. 

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