How to Make a Ring Out of a Coin - Tutorial





Introduction: How to Make a Ring Out of a Coin - Tutorial


Step 1: To Do a Ring Out of a Coin You Need!

Step 2: Sat the Coin on an Edge.

- Knock on the edge with the spoon wrapping the coin around without a stop.
- The spoon is recommended as the “flatting” is running under a more accurate control.
- As soon as the edges of the coin bend to a needed height of a future ring, make sure that it remained round and kept its shape.

Step 3: Then We Drill a Hole in the Middle of the Coin.

Step 4: We Polish the Insight of the Coin.

Step 5: A Ring Out of a Coin Is Ready!!!!

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In the U.S.A it is not illegal to do this to money. It is only illegal to attempt to modify the value of it.

You must have softer coins than I have here in the U.S.. Do you recommend ones in particular? I have started a ring with a new quarter, but can get enough width. A nickle looks to be too hard. I'll practice with a penny, but it will make a child's sized ring. Great idea though.

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Use silver coines, quarters from 1964 and under work great, or go to a local gewely store and ask for a cheap 2$ silver bulion

All of our US "silver" coins have been made of base metals since 1965 and pennies, once copper, now are made of copper-plated zinc.

It's part of the plan to make our currency worthless.

hehe, yea, we have super tough coins here in Denmark as well.. I thought it was a gimmick at first!
Also illegal to destroy Money here :)

try reheat any coin. than make ring. than reheat again and clean. i tested this method on ukrainian,canadian and iranian coins

Great idea! Thanks for sharing your 'ible :)

Ever thought of a hammer?

Would have loved to see a ring with the images of the coin on the ring body rather than just a plain silver ring

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I made this ring out of a half dollar coin.


My friends and I used to make these in the 70's, except we made them as necklace pendants. Before the long process of tapping the edge flat we'd put the coin on a drill-press and drill out the parts around the main figure (eagle, etc.). I see people now making/selling them that way on (a huge site for selling most anything) and they are apparently getting decent $$ for them.

I'll hunt for some Kennedy half-dollars. They are larger with more silver than current coins.

too many tools, my Father made lots of rings in WW2 with only a nail and a object to tap with, his Kabar knife. It too a lot of time an patience, but that was the idea, to use up dead time. The catch was at that time U.S. coins had a high silver content and were a lot more maleable (soft). He did not drill a hole but pierced it with the nail point and then worked it to the ring size from the inside out. With today's coins without the silver content it would be difficult unless they added enough pewter to balance it.

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My father did as well a ring with a nail and a stone while prisoner in Poland during WW2. He must have found a local coin.

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