How to Make a Rocket

Materials you'll need
• circle tube
• wood ( optional)
• 3D printer (optional)
• rope
• Trashbag
• rocket engine

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Step 1: Find the Body

The body could be a paper towel role or some sort of light tube

Step 2: Make It Yours

Spray paint it any color add stickers to make it unique

Step 3: Add the Nose Cone and Engine Holder

To make the nose cone you can 3D print one or make one out of wood or other materials then how to make the engine hold is measure out the engine then measure out the tube then make a holder the size of the tube and then make a hole with the size of the engine then glue the holder to the rocket

Step 4: Add the Things That Saves a Rocket

How to make a parachute. First cut a Circle out of any trash bag like material then cut a small hole in the middle then add four strings at the four quadrants of the parachute tie them all together then glue or hook them on the nosecone

Step 5: Put the Shock Back in Shocking

To add the nosecone to the rocket you will need a shock cord or a springing string tie or glue the springing string to the nosecone then glue the other side to the inside of the rocket

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    3 years ago

    Very cool. I like the idea of 3D printing the nosecones, as that always seems to be the trickiest part of scratch-built rockets for me.