How to Make a Rope From Plastic Bottles





Introduction: How to Make a Rope From Plastic Bottles

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Upcycle your old plastic bottles ! Make 15 - 20 meters of plastic string/rope from a one 1-liter PET/ plastic bottle just by using a pencil sharpener ! What ???
Yes ! It's pretty simple !

WATCH here on Youtube:

How to make a Rope from Plastic Bottles (using a pencil sharpener)

At these days, we throw all the plastic bottles (deposit-free) away immediately. But some things can be reused easily, such as (deposit-free) plastic bottles.
It's so easy ... You will not believe it

Recycling is the future!

BUT BE CAREFUL !!! The blade of the pencil sharpener is very sharp. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF !!!

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    Check my other instructables and see WHOs the copy cat, my friend.

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    Awesome trick yet so simple... To the top sir!

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