How to Make a Rubber Band Ball




Learn how to make a rubber band ball entirely out of rubber bands!

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Step 1: Gathering Rubber Bands

First, gather rubber bands or go to a store to buy them (preferably thick rubber bands for the middle.) Don't be afraid to use coloured rubber bands!

Step 2: Beginning Ball

Then, tie two rubber bands together or scrunch them into a ball and hold them like that for the next step (don't put something in the middle because then you will not have a rubber band ball made entirely out of rubber bands.)

Step 3: Adding Rubber Bands

Now, quickly start putting on your other rubber bands over the scrunched up ball. Make sure your rubber bands are tight (you might have to double loop your bands if you don't have small bands.)

Step 4: Shaping Ball

Your ball is probably not round yet so add more rubber bands in one spot than in other spots to make it more round.

Step 5: Finishing Ball

Keep adding rubber bands onto your ball until it is the desired shape and size! (you do not have to make a ball but it is the easiest to make.)

Step 6: Warning:

Warning: rubber bands may snap and smack you!

Remember to get a big ball this will probably take more than one day and you need to put your rubber bands on tightly.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    great job hazel i think your how to is so fun.


    3 years ago

    About 10 years back I made one about the size of a softball. It took so much time but well worth it!