How to Make a SNOWBALL Machine!





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Step 1: Who Would Think That Such a Simple Idea Could Make a Day in the Snow So Much Fun?

Snowball Maker is a device that helps you create an entire arsenal of snowball ammunition, up to 60 snowballs a minute, without ever getting your gloves wet or freezing your hands! With a massive surplus of snowballs ready to go, an overwhelming pre-emptive snowball strike will ensure complete and total victory in your backyard.

Step 2: Makes Perfectly Round Snowball in Roughly 1 Second!

Step 3: Ideal for Preparing Snowballs Before a Big Showdown! :)

Step 4: So Happy for Snow and Grass Slop for Both Kids and Adults!:)

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    3 years ago

    what doyou use for the mold? is it an ornament? (unable to watch video)