How to Make a Safety Attachment for a Bag

Introduction: How to Make a Safety Attachment for a Bag

A bag attachment that lights up for when you have to walk in the dark and also has an alert sound if you feel in a threatening situation.

Equipment needed:

1m fabric




sewing machine


conductive thread

7 LED's

1 slide switch coin cell holder

1 latch switch coin cell holder

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Step 1: Cutting Material

The size of my material is 109cm by 16cm, this is due to the kind of bag strap that I have so you cut it whatever size, just make sure it will fit round your bag strap. Cut three pieces exactly the same size.

Step 2: Adding in the Circuit

To add your LED's mark from the edge every 10cm with tailors chalk. Leave the two edge marks for your two battery/switches and place an LED on every other mark. Place the slide switch on one of the end marks, so that the switch itself is on the mark.

Sew from the positive side of the coin cell holder, all the way up the line of LED's, making sure they all have the positive sign on the side your sewing, with the conductive thread. Once at the last one tie off and repeat the same thing up the negative side of the circuit, making sure the two lines don't touch.

For the buzzer circuit place the switch on the other mark at the other end of the material and do the same thing, matching the positive sign on the switch to the positive sign on the buzzer, and the same with the negative.

Step 3: Making Your Battery Covers

Get another one of the three pieces of fabric you have cut and place it over the top of the piece with the circuit on. Match up all the edges and draw a rectangle on the top piece to cut a hole out where the two switch plates are so that it can be easily accessed to change the battery, then cut the holes.

Next cut four rectangles exactly the same size, being a 1.5cm's bigger around the edges that the two holes you have cut.

Take two of the rectangles and overlock three of the four sides, leaving one of the shorter sides open, then repeat with the other two pieces and turn them both inside out.

Next iron the two flaps and overlock the last edge on both.

Sew the two covers on to the top piece of material so that they cover each hole.

Step 4: Velcro to the Covers

After you've sewn on the covers get two sets of velcro the right size for the flaps sew one side on to the top piece of material, the opposit side to the side you sewed on the flap, then sew the other side on to the flap, so that it will match up with the piece you have already sewn on.

Repeat the same thing for the other flap.

Step 5: Holes for Your LED's

Match up the the top section with the circuit piece and mark on the top where the LED's are.

Cut holes big enough for the lights to come through on each of the marks and hand sew around them so they don't fray.

Put the piece back on top of the circuit piece and match the lights to the holes so they come through.

To stop them from moving hand sew small lines either side of each light so that the material stays in place.

Step 6: Putting the Pieces Together

line up all three pieces now, the circuit one in the middle then the plain one on the bottom, overlock along all four edges so that it is now sewn together.

If you want to you can hem each side to neaten it up a bit too.

Step 7: Adding the Velcro

Add one long piece of velcro to the edge of the front of the product, sewing along both sides.

then flip it over and sew the other piece of velcro on the opposite edge, sewing on both side now when you fold it over you can velcro it together around your bag strap.

Step 8: Finished

That's it, now you have a removable bag attachment that lights up for when you are walking in the dark and has an alert noise for if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation.

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    4 years ago

    This is a really great idea! Do you have any more photos of your process that you could add to your written directions? Can't wait to see what you share next!