How to Make a Santa Hat



To make Santa Hat you will need following material:-

Chart Paper (Red), Crinkle Paper / Crepe paper (Red & White), Glue, Masking Tape, Stripes and Scissors.

Step 1: Basic

Draw a quarter circle about 14” on chart paper with a pencil tied to a string. Cut out the quarter circle. Bring the two ends of the quarter circle together and make cone. Apply glue on edge and paste.

Step 2: Enhance the Shape of Hat

Cut stripes from chart paper (1” inch). Roll the strip and make a cone, paste this cone on top of hut. Cover the small cone with masking tape. Now, cut stripe from crinkle paper / crepe paper and cover this stripe on small cone.

Step 3: How to Roll Crinkle Paper on Hat

Cut stripes from crinkle paper / crepe paper and make some cuts before the end. Now roll these strips on the hat and used glue for paste.

Step 4: Decorate the Hut

Take twenty layers of crinkle paper / crepe paper and cut this paper in circle (3” inch). Fold this paper in a half and staple in center of circle and make some cuts before center. Now, fold (Rough) layer of crinkle paper one by one. Now, paste these circle on the hat.



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