How to Make a Saucy Braided Calzone Pizza




Introduction: How to Make a Saucy Braided Calzone Pizza

How to Make a Braided Calzone Pizza

Step 1: Intro

How to Make a Braided Calzone Pizza

By Colette Brown and Greg Goyne

INTRODUCTION Read this to figure out how to make the most tasty, cheese filled, calzone pizza. Now, you can impress your friends and family by making the best creation yet. Copy our recipe and pretend to your friends that it's totally original, so you can eat the most amazing saucy, cheesy, savory, satisfying calzone pizza dish on this planet.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit,

Ingredients Pizza Dough Mozzarella Cheese one cup Parmesan Cheese for topping Pepperoni about ¼ cup Butter Pizza Sauce Flour (to make sure the calzone doesn’t stick to your pan) Tools Rolling Pin Oven Knife Brush Baster Pan Parchment Paper

Step 2: Spread Flower on the Pan

Now, Step One: Spread flower on pan

-This will prevent dough from sticking to the pan -Once you have finished spreading out the flour add the dough and roll it out into an oval shape

Step 3: Make Your Calzone Saucy

Step Three: Put your tomato sauce in the direct center of the pizza, then sprinkle cheese onto the tomato sauce.

-Make sure that you only put the ingredients in the center because this isn’t a normal pizza and that will become problematic later

Step 4: Pepperoni

Step Four: Add your cheese. Place your pepperoni on top of the cheese and tomato sauce. Cut the outside of the dough into strips like so in the picture above

-The strips are for the braiding of the calzone -Make sure that the strips are similar sizes and that there is a close to equal amount of strips on each side

Step 5: Braid the Calzone

Step Five: Braid the calzone

-The way that you braid the calzone is that you start by folding one strip over the center on one side. Next you fold one strip over the first strip on the other side

-Alternate sides until you get to the bottom of the calzone -Make sure that the inside of the calzone isn’t exposed too much

Step 6: Step Six

Step Six: Baste melted butter onto the calzone and sprinkle parmesan cheese onto the top of the calzone

-Try to make sure that there is an equal amount of butter across the top of the calzone

Step 7: Gobble It Down

Step Seven: Cook your calzone at 400 degrees fahrenheit for twenty minutes

-The calzone dough should have a golden color after taking it out of your oven

-Finally, eat your delicious calzone!!!

-Add sauce on the side to add extra flavor

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    Looks delicious


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    Yum! I love calzone, that looks delicious :)


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    Yeah its amzing


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    SO good!!!! I ate it and it is sooooooo amzinggggggg