How to Make a Saute Spicy Chicken




Introduction: How to Make a Saute Spicy Chicken

Do you like Chinese food? Do you like eating chicken? This instruction will teach you how to make a Saute Spicy Chicken which is a great combination of Chinese food and chicken step by step. Saute Spicy Chicken is a famous local food in Xinjiang Province. It tastes delicious and be prepared about 30 minutes. If you want to try a new Chinese food, you must try Saute Spicy Chicken.

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Step 1: Materials


1. Two green peppers

2. Two potatoes

3. Three pieces of chicken

4. Five pieces of garlics

5. Two pieces of ginger

6. Five dry red peppers

7. Chili Sauce

8. Chinese prickly ash

9. Black pepper powder

10. Vinegar




1. A pan

2. Several bowls

3. Knife

4. Wood or plastic shovel

Step 2: Cut Some Ingredients

Before we put ingredients into the pan, we need to cut the green peppers, potatoes and chicken.

1. Place these material on the wood plate

2. Use knife to cut them into pieces

3. Put them in the bowls

(Caution: Don't cut your fingers!)

Step 3: Put Some Ingredients Into the Pan

In this step, we are ready to put chicken and green peppers into the pan.

1. Turn the heater to high level

2. Put pan on heater

3. Wait until you can see some smoke from pan

4. Put edible oil into pan

5. Wait 1-2 minutes

6. Put Chinese prickly ash into pan

7. Wait until Chinese prickly ash become black

8. Use wood or plastic shovel to remove these Chinese prickly ash

9. Put chicken into the pan

10. Use wood or plastic shovel to turn over the chicken until the it become white on the surface

Step 4: Add Chili Sauce and Other Seasoners

After we fry the chicken, we have to add some seasoners to make the chicken have taste.

1. Add one spoon of chili sauce on the chicken

2. Use shovel to turn over the chicken with chili sauce, make sure the chili sauce uniformly surfaces the chicken

3. Add green peppers

4. Add smashed dry red peppers

5. Add gingers and garlic

6. Use shovel to turn over all the material in the pan

7. Add some water

8. Cover the pan and wait about 2-3 minutes

Step 5: Add Potatoes and Rest of Materials (Last Step)

Looks delicious? No hurry! We are almost done!

1. Add one spoon of salt

2. Add one spoon of sugar

3. Add potatoes

4. Use shovel to turn over them

5. Add black pepper powder

6. Add vinegar

7. Wait about 15 minutes

8. Enjoy your Saute Spicy Chicken!

(Tips: You can add more or less salt or sugar, it depends on your taste.)

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    3 years ago

    Is the sauce thin or does it thicken when it reduces or cools?


    3 years ago

    Looks great and sounds so yummy!