How to Make a Sazerac

Intro: How to Make a Sazerac

This antebellum New Orleans cocktail is one of my favorites and is a remedy for any and all ails. A panacea of grand proportions.

Step 1: Ingredients

Old Fashioned Glass

Sugar Cube

Peychaud's bitters


Rye Whiskey or Cognac


Lemon Peel

Step 2: Absinthe

Give the old fashioned glass an absinthe rinse and set aside.

Step 3: Sugar

Place a sugar cube in a mixing glass.

Step 4: Peychaud's

Soak the cube with a few dashes Peychaud's. The cube will soon lose shape. If you prefer you can add a dash of water and muddle the sugar. Some people prefer to add a dash of Angostrua bitters as well.

Step 5: Rye

Add 2ml rye whiskey or Cognac to the mixing glass. I prefer Rittenhouse 100. Stir with ice for your preferred time.

Step 6: Pour

Pour into the old fashioned glass.

Step 7: Lemon Peel

Squeeze a lemon peel over the drink. The oils are crucial. Then rub the rim of the glass with the peel. Drop the peel in the drink or discard.

Step 8: Sazarac


Step 9: You're Cured



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