How to Make a Scary Tree Out of Clay



Pretty easy compared to the other bigger trees I've made. I thought I'd try a scary little tree, with arms and marble eyes !!

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Step 1: Materials

Materials include Oven Bake Clay, aluminum foil, glass marbles for the eyes, Paint, toothpicks or anything to make details in clay.

Step 2: Molding the Tree

I used aluminum foil for the body of the tree, shaping it out, and made the roots of the tree out of the foil too and attached them with the clay on top. Then I pushed the marbles in for the eyes and started molding the face.

Step 3: Details

I used a metal nail file and other things to make the details on the tree, making a mouth and teeth, etc. It took approx. 45 min to bake in the oven. (I replaced the pieces of blue foam with pieces of metal wire to hold the arms up while baking.)

Step 4: Painting

After it is cooled completely, I painted primer on. After that was dry, I could start painting the tree.

Step 5: Finishing

Here are pictures of the finished tree. I finished painting details on the tree.

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