How to Make a Scrunchie!

Introduction: How to Make a Scrunchie!

Hi all! Thank you so much for clicking on my instructable! Today I will be teaching how to make your own scrunchie!

To start off, you need to gather your materials.

  • Fabric (whatever color you want)
  • Hair ties
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Pins
  • Ruler

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Step 1: Measure

After gathering your materials, the next step is to measure your fabric. Now I just guessed when I first started making scrunchies but the dimensions that worked best for me is to cut the fabric so it's 14 by 4 inches. If you find those dimensions don't produce the look you are going for, feel free to adjust them a bit until you're happy.

When you finish your measurements, go ahead and use the fabric scissors to cut your material.

Step 2: Fold & Stitch

After cutting, you should end up with a long rectangle piece of fabric. Your next step is to the to ends into the middle and slightly overlap them. If you need to, look at the pictures for more clarity.

After you fold it, you're going to thread your needle and stitch those two end pieces together. When you get to the end of the fabric, knot your thread and cut off any extra.

Step 3: Fold Fabric & Insert Hair Tie

When you've stitched together the ends of the fabric and made a loop, you want to fold half of the loop in on itself. Picture 1 shows this best. After you've folded it, you're going to take your hair tie (I always stretch it with my hands ahead of time to make sure it won't snap) and place it around the inner part of the fold. It'll be a bit difficult to do right away and you'll want to fidget with the fabric a bit until you have an even amount of fabric on both sides of the hair tie.

Step 4: Fold & Pin

After you put the hair tie around the fabric, you're going to pinch together the two edges to hide the hair tie. When you pinch them together, you're going to fold each individual edge in so when the scrunchie is finished, there aren't any loose or rough edges. Slowly do this to almost all of the edges, pinning them as you go, while making sure you leave an empty space for where you will start your stitches.

Step 5: Start Sewing

The next step is to thread your needle again. It's very important to make sure you have enough thread to go all the way around the scrunchie so I made the thread as long as my arm span.

After threading your needle, make sure you tie the end of the string and then you're going to find the part of the scrunchie you didn't fold and pin. Thread your needle through the inside of the fabric so when you fold the edge, the knot in your thread won't show.

After that, you're going to fold down those edges and start sewing. I would recommend doing short little stitches that are close together. Slowly sew your way around your scrunchie, making sure you line up the fabric correctly as you take out the pins.

Step 6: Finishing Your Scrunchie !

After sewing all the way around the scrunchie, knot your string and cut off the extra. And voila! You just finished making your very own scrunchie! You can wear it on your wrist or in your hair!

They make great gifts or you make a few to match your outfits!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and I wish you uck in all your scrunchie making endeavors!

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    1 year ago

    Nicely done, and very cute! I like the way you show clear pictures of the steps!