How to Make a Skull Mask


Introduction: How to Make a Skull Mask

I got this idea when I was throwing away the backing to the wall-cling that my dad and I bought last year, and I thought: well, this would make a fine skull mask. So, I kept it. And now, I made it into a mask!

Step 1: The Stuff You Need

First, you need the materials.

1.Cheap (or expensive) 3-D skull wall-cling
3.String or elastic

Step 2: The Skull

Cut out the 3-D skull in the wall-cling and discard the backing. Cut out the eyes and the brim. Optional: You could cut the mouth or other areas.

Step 3: String the Mask

Take the cutters and elastic. Cut to desired length and punch holes in the mask. String the elastic through the holes and tie.

Step 4: Add Your Own Touch

Decorate as you wish. Go crazy!



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     nice pics XD, lol and skull is spelled with a K