How to Make a Secret Book : Hidden Compartment Spy Gear

Introduction: How to Make a Secret Book : Hidden Compartment Spy Gear

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This is one of the most popular videos I've ever made on my Youtube channel, so I thought I'd share it with the Instructables community.

It is a how-to guide for making a hollow secret book compartment.  I used to have a website called MySpyChannel, so that is why it has the title on the screen.  I wish I had known more about SEO and websites back then--I'd be semi-well-off! 

Anyway, what you need to make sure while you are doing this is to keep your blade clean and HAVE PATIENCE!  Don't try and get them all cut out in a few strokes.  You need to cute a few pages, then clean them out and cut more, clean, etc.

Feel free to leave comments.  The most common on my youtube page is "You could hide your WEED in it!"  lol



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