How to Make a Secret Candle Compartment





Introduction: How to Make a Secret Candle Compartment

I show how to make a secret compartment in the bottom of a candle. This project uses a regular candle that is modified by drilling out a compartment into the bottom. The compartment is then sealed with a plug that can either be made of foam, cardboard or melted into a disk from the wax that was removed. A sticker, candle label or circle of paper is then glued to the bottom of the candle covering the plug and hiding whatever is inside. This is a pretty simple project that can be done by using a drill and hole saw bit to save time but you can also carve out the inner compartment with a sharp knife. The candle will still work like normal just be careful not to let it burn all the way down as it will reveal whatever is hidden inside.

Step 1: Materials

- Candle

- Drill

- Hole saw bits

- Large drill bit

- Knife

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)



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    10 Discussions

    Why use "superglue" you could just melt it closed or use a hot (heated with the torch) screwdriver or butter knife?


    2 years ago

    You DO have something small enough to put inside. At least, that is what your girlfriend said :-)

    Step one is materials and step two is "watch the video"? Shouldn't instructables have... instructions?

    Now I'm wondering about that suspicious vial of white powder that is hidden in the candle

    1 reply

    What happens to the contents if someone lights the candle?

    2 replies

    i'd imagine the worst that could happen would be that it's either exposed to flame for a short while or it could get soaked inwax if it burnt through

    I wonder if the cashier would accept it. You should try it and tell us the outcome.

    There are some BIG candles out there ;)

    Very nicely executed. Love the simplicity!