How to Make a Secret Stairway Door

Hey guys! So I originally published this for the Minecraft 2018 Contest, and I published it REALLY late, I know, it kinda shows. Well please vote mine! I just want a prize! Ok enjoy the "How To"!!! See ya later! BAIIIAAAII

Step 1: Step 1. the Materials

Here is what you need :

[ For One Stair Step ]

[ Stair Case ]

Redstone (5)

Blocks [Any Type] (4)

Repeater (2)

Sticky Piston [Piston + Slime Ball = Sticky Piston] (1)

Redstone Trigger (1)

Step 2: Step. 2 the Frame

In this step, the red wool is the redstone, the grey wool/glass is supposted to be/ the wall, the white wool is the repeaters, the blue wool is the staircase, and the light grey wool and the green carpet wool is the sticky piston. And the chisled stone block is the button block.

Step 3: Step 3. the Wall

The wall can be anything you want, I'm gonna stick with the grey wool/glass.

Step 4: Step 4. the Redstone

Ok there is what you need,

Redstone 5.

Repeater 2.

Step 5: Step 5. the Piston

Well yeah, it's all in the title...

Step 6: Step. 6 the Wall

Yeah, well. I just used brick and stone brick.

Step 7: Step. 7 End!

Good job guys! You made it to the end! Well here are some pictures of fully functional, working, and practical staircases!



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