How to Make a Shot Glass Out of Ice

I show how to make a shot glass out of ice. It involves using two cups, a small cup and a shot glass. The shot glass is suspended inside the cup creating a mold the shape of a cup. Water is poured into the mold and is frozen creating a shot glass made of ice. It is great for parties and special occasions.

Step 1: Materials


-Shot glass


-Small funnel



Step 2: The Mold

Put four pieces of tape around a shot glass, and then center the shot glass inside a cup. Attach the tape to cup making the shot glass suspended inside the cup. Make sure both the rims of the shot glass and the cup are on the same level.

Step 3: Freezing It

- Pour water into the cup, but leave some space at the top for the water to expand when it freezes.

- Place the cup into the freezer until the water is frozen. This will probably take a few hours so make preparations ahead of time.

- When the water is completely frozen take the shot glass out, if you cannot get it out pour a bit of water inside. Then run some warm water on the outside of the cup and remove the Ice shot glass.

- Put back in the freezer until ready to serve.

- Serve with desired drink, but keep in mind you are getting more than an average shot because inside of the ice shot glass is the outside of the shot glass you used to make it.

- Refrigerate your desired beverage so when you pour into the ice shot it does not crack the ice.

- After the shot is taken put the cup back into the freezer for use later (if you want to reuse the ice shot glass)

Step 4: Watch the Video

The shot glass is placed inside the cup and suspended in the center. Water is poured in the cup around the shot glass. Then the cup and shot glass go into the freezer, once frozen the cup and shot glass are removed. What you get is a cup made of ice with the inside size of the outside of the shot glassed used to make it. The ice shot glass is perfect for parties or to impress your friends. You can use plastic cups to make it but I preferred to use glass for the video. Food coloring can also be added if desired. Preparation is fairly easy but the freezing of the water can take a few hours so be sure to make them well ahead of time. The ideal use of these would be to take then out only when you are ready to take the shots and then to put them back immediately after using. This will allow the ice shot glasses to be reused a couple of times before they are too melted to use. They also work well for drinking outside in cold winter climates. Do not drink unless you are of legal age and drink responsibly.



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    10 Discussions

    The SuperTenders

    4 years ago

    Those would work great at an outdoor winter event or bar!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Pro Tip: If you boil the water you are going to freeze a few times, the ice becomes transparent instead of white. This happens because you'll be removing the excess of CO2 from the water. The more times you boil it, the most crystal-like the ice gets!

    1 reply

    If you don't mind spending a little you can also save some time by just buying those gallon jugs of purified water.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I would advise using plastic glasses, just in case the expansion is more than you figured. That way you're not breaking glass shot glasses inside the ice.


    Nice! Suspending them with tape to form the mold is a really clever idea. Having used ice shot glasses, I can say that the biggest downside is when you hold them, they get slippery very quickly. The second biggest downside is people taking a shot then leaving them to melt somewhere annoying.


    4 years ago