How to Make a Shower Head




My old showerhead was starting to spray in the wrong directions.

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Step 1: The World's No 1 Showerhead

Hi guys!

I went to this show room like shop and they were selling showerheads for $20 and upwards.

One of them looked like a tin with holes in.

200 metres from there I found an empty shoe polish tin.

Step 2: Lets Go

If the shop can have containers, so can i.

I took a nail and a hammer to make a circle in the lid and then cut the hole with a knife.

The bottom i made similar except for cutting. I used different round things in the kitchen to make the circles.

Step 3: Add the Garden Thing

In the lid i put a plastic garden thing i got for free when i bought another garden thing for a garden hose.

It has the same thread as the pipe coming out from the wall in the shower, I think ou can find one that fits yours.

Step 4: The Glue

I used a 2 component glue to fix the orange thing to the lid, and to seal the shoe polish box forever.

Step 5: Shines, Nourishes, Protects and Showers

If the bathroom showroom people would see me now.

Hope it helpes, im sure you can find a tin with your own prefered shape.

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    2 years ago

    bloody Fantastic.


    2 years ago

    This is brilliant and I love the story of this, that made me laugh. Thank.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    If really you are stuck without shower head, try a brocoli!

    1 reply