How to Make a Simple Air Cooler - Low Cost




Hello friends, i am a guy love to make things related to tech and main moive is to ...

Hello friends, welcome to my new instructable. this instructable is about how you can make a simple air cooler at low cost to get temporarily rid of heat in this hot summer.

so let's start.....

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Step 1: Simple Air Cooler (low Cost)

So friends, watch the video till end to learn step by step to make a air cooler easily.....

Step 2: Things Needed -

> Thermocol - 1 pcs (thick)

> 12v dc Motor - 1pcs.

>12v dc water pump - 1pcs.(you can easily make your own)

>Wire - 5m length

> Wood small chunk.

> 1m of small diameter pipe.(i used sline set as pipe)

> some piece of cardboard .

> fan blade - 1 pcs

> fevicol.

> Hot glue gun.

> knife - for cutting purpose.

> a polythene.

After gettiing all these things. watch the video and learn easily...

Step 3: Working of Air Cooler

The working of air cooler is very simple as you can easily understand from the above works as the warm air gets inside the cooler from the ventilator side and as we know the ventilator is wet so the hot air becomes cold after getting out and the fan gives the air outside to us.that's all about the working of air cooler.

if you have any question regarding this then ask from me in comment box...


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    Question 2 months ago on Step 3

    Please give me experiment procedure how to make air cooler