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I made a party trough table, but needed to make some benches to make it more appealing to the buyer of the table.

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Step 1: Make a Frame

My table was 2 metres long so my benches had to be the same. So I cut 4 x 2 metre lenghts for the sides and cut 8 x 19cm centre supports and screwed them together as per the picture

Step 2: Adding the Legs

I cut all my legs 12 of them at 46 cm high using, a table saw and rounded all the edges with a router for a better cosmetic look. I used an 18 mm spade bit to drill a hole because I could not find a longer bolt at the time. I used a 7 cm long bolt in this project. I glued the legs to the frame as well as bolting them so there was no chance of them moving.

Step 3: Adding Centre Supports

I wanted to add some strength to my bench so I add support beams between the legs so if the bench is dragged around the legs have no chance of collapsing. I filled in the holes with wood filler ready for staining.

Step 4: Adding the Bench Planks

I added planks to the top, and screwed the down into the support beams and cut off the access that was hanging over. I stained my bench and then it was ready for sale.

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