How to Make a Simple Collage Painting



Through this project we will be creating a cute and easy painting.

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Step 1:

To begin this project, you will need the following materials: a blank canvas, scrapbook paper of your choosing, a few sponge brushes, rubber cement, paint (preferably acrylic), a sketchbook and a pencil. All of these materials can be purchased at a craft store for a fairly cheap price.

Step 2:

First, pick you sheet of scrap book paper and apply rubber cement to the back of the sheet. Also, put rubber cement on the canvas as well. Give both the sheet and the canvas a few minutes to dry before applying the paper to the canvas.
*by applying rubber cement to both sides and allowing them to dry before putting them together, it allows the rubber cement to stick together better.
Once it is done apply the paper to the canvas. When doing so, you can either leave it as a whole sheet, or you can rip it up, it depends on how you want it to look.

Step 3:

Next, on a separate sheet of paper, make a silhouette drawing or design. This can be of anything you chose, or if you want you can choose an image off of the internet and print it off.
Once you've done this, cut out the drawing.

Step 4:

Now lay the paper on the canvas. Take the sponge brush and dab the paint onto the paper so that, when the paper is removed, you can see the silhouette. Be careful not to get paint under the cut out paper. If you chose, you can do multiple colors. Have fun with this part and use your creativity.
*It's helpful to dab your brush. It creates a cool texture and makes it easier to paint around the paper.

Step 5:

After you let the paint dry, carefully peel off the cut out silhouette and you're done! Enjoy the new artwork.

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