How to Make a Simple Collapsible PVC Fishing Rod Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Collapsible PVC Fishing Rod Holder

In my experience, owning more than one fishing rod and trying to keep them organized and stowed away is hard, because they are so long and their line gets tangled on things easy. So, I created this simple PVC fishing rod holder that I keep in my room, or garage that keeps my fishing rods out of the way, and easily accessible. It can also be taken apart in case you are going somewhere and would like to take it with you. Here are the steps I took to create this simple, yet helpful PVC fishing rod holder.

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Step 1: Aquire PVC

First, you will need an 8 foot long PVC pipe. This can be bought at any hardware store that sells PVC. The diameter of the pipe doesn't matter that much, it just has to be large enough to fit fishing rods of different sizes. I used a pipe with a diameter of 4 centimeters. You will also need eight equal tee PVC couplings that will fit the diameter of the 8 foot PVC pipe, and if you want, you can buy four PVC end caps to put on the ends of the holder. After you have bought all the parts, cut the 8 foot long pipe into equal 16ths, and you will be ready to assemble the holder.

Step 2: Assembly + Spray Paint

Because we are using PVC, if you have bought all the correct sized connectors, you should be able to assemble the holder according to the pictures above. I created this design myself, and didn't follow any instructions. The two raised holders at the back of the device are used to store larger fishing rods that would normally fall out of the smaller holders. You can use hot glue to hold together any pieces you want to, however I recommend leaving some connectors un-glued so that you can take the holder partially apart for traveling. At the end, I gave my holder a blue spray paint, because the white PVC looked bland. I hope you enjoy, and catch some big ones!

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