How to Make a Simple PVC Car Camera Mount Rig




Introduction: How to Make a Simple PVC Car Camera Mount Rig

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PVC Car Camera Mount Rig

Have you ever wanted to mount a camera in your car so you could film yourself driving? Here is an easy and cheap way I discovered to for a hands free mounting setup.

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Parts Needed (all 1/2-inch PVC):

- U-bolt kit

- 18 inch PVC pipe

- PVC Elbow

- 1.25 inch PVC pipe

- Custom PVC Camera holder (how to make video below)

- 1/4 inch drill bit

I first took a piece of 1/2 inch PVC and trimmed it to about 18 inches. This will allow the camera to be centered between the seats. I then marked the locations of the passenger headrest brackets using a permanent marker.

To make this work I purchased a u-bolt kit at a local store. It came with 2 u-bolts and all the hardware needed for about 2 dollars.

I then centered the u-bolts over the previous marks on the pipe and marked where the holes needed to be. All of the marks need to be inline with each other.

I first made a starter hole to prevent walking and then drilled a hole using a 1/4 inch bit. I did have to slightly widen the holes for the u-bolts to install easily.

Be careful if you have cloth near the drill because it can easily become entangled and hurt you. This was a close call but I was ok.

I then took the pipe and bolts to the car for a test fit. Everything slid into place and I used a 7/16 inch wrench to tighten the nuts. Do not over tighten the nuts or you can crack the PVC pipe.

To mount the camera, I could have drill a hole into the pipe and held the camera with a bolt, but that would have limited its mobility. So, I decided to use the PVC Camera Mount that I made in a previous video. I will put the link to this project in the description.

To attach the camera mount I needed a 90 degree elbow and a 1.25 inch pipe. I installed everything together and the camera fit perfectly into position. This setup will allow multiple angles of filming.

The mount did surprisingly well for being so simple. I did notice that there was a slight shaking at times while driving, but I contribute that to my tires needing to be balanced.

Overall I am very happy with how this project turned out.

Now I can drive and film and not worry about being pulled over by the police for using electronics while driving.

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Have fun building.

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    I like this very much.


    4 years ago

    Wow, That looks so much better than all of the IKEA lamp hacks :)