How to Make a Simple Relay Circuit (Automatic Switch ON/OFF)

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Relay .

Very very important thing in electronics circuits. In this video we'll see How To Make A Simple Relay Circuit (Automatic Switch ON/OFF ) . Relay is nothing but a switch . It has 2 solid states . You can play with both states as your need . There are 5 pin in a relay . To know all of those pin is a must . Beacuse without knowing you can't the working process of a relay . So In down below I added a link where you can understand about the relay & the pin out . In electronics & electricsl engineering relay is very important term & also interesting . You'll find fun when you can understand the working process of a relay . So I thing this video is gonna help you a bit .

Step 1: For Completing This Project You'll Need These Components:

1.6 volt Relay


3.Power Supply


5. Wires

Step 2: Finalize

Here is the circuit diagram of this project :

Take a look at this website for knowing more about Relay or in which circuits it is mostly used . Here is the weblink: Check this weblink for details Here is my #Facebook profile link: You can share our thoughts wimme there ,can give me any tips that how we could make it better :) Hope you already watched this video . So if you have anything to share please feel free & #COMMENT below . I'll reply you all ASAP. If it feels good please s#SHARE this video with your friends & family . And the most #IMPORTANT thing is don't forget to #SUBSCRIBE this channel to get more interesting engineering projects or tutorial videos :)



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