How to Make a Simple Tibetan Style Pearl Stranded Necklace With Multiple Gold Chains Linked




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Are you seeking for easy and simple necklace designs? Here is a great suggestion – simple tibetan style pearl stranded necklace with multiple gold chains linked! The steps are listed below.


Step 1: To Make a Simple Tibetan Style Pearl Stranded Necklace With Multiple Gold Chains Linked, You Will Need:

10mm White Glass Pearl Beads

8mm White Glass Pearl Beads

Brass Rhinestone Spacers

Gold Cross Chains

Tibetan Style Toggle Clasp

Gold Jump Rings

Gold Bead Cap

Gold Headpins

God Eye Pins

Long Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Step 2: Make the Pearl Necklace Strand

1st, prepare enough 8mm white glass pearl beads and gold eyepins, thread a pearl bead through each eye pin one by one;

2nd, twist a small loop at each end of the eye pin, and connect the pearl beads with each other as shown;

3rd, connect the pearl beads to a proper length that fits you well.

Step 3: Add Tibetan Style Ornaments Designs

1st, pick a gold head pin, thread it through a 10mm glass pearl bead, a gold bead cap, a rhinestone spacer and a 8mm pearl bead in sequence, make a loop at the end of the headpin and hook to the end of the pearl strand as pictured;

2nd, attach a tibetan style clasp to the other end of the pearl strand;

3rd, cut several pieces of gold cross chain in different lengths, and hook them to the toggle clasp respectively;

4th, attach the other ends of the gold chains to proper position of the pearl strand as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Time for the Final Look! I Like This Simple Tibetan Style Necklace Design! How About You?

If you're beginners in jewelry making, then this simple tibetan style pearl stranded necklace with gold chains linked would be a great choice for you to make a trial! I believe that you will do it well by following my instructions, good luck!



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I made this beautiful Tibetan Pearl Necklace with pearl links and 4 chains attached to the links. Unfortunately, I still have 2 questions to make it nicer. How many links should I have made for a 20" necklace? I think I made too many which may be the problem with my second question. How long should each chain link be?


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Hi, Can you help me with the chain links on the Tibetian Pearl Necklace with pearl links? They are just bunching up. I didn't see how long each length should be nor approximately how many links to make. I think I made far too many.

    Thanks, Dixie


    1 year ago

    I found the same tutorial on PandaHall by author/designer, Sunny Smith. However, it clearly states (ie in your comment below) that you, DaisyD, are the author. Is Sunny Smith an alias of yours?

    For reference, I've included links to both the project and it's authors profile.

    http ://;jsessionid=BD6C851E3E81ED94FEE645C5F6F45A53


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, you can make one for yourself~