How to Make a Skateboard




i'm going to show you people how to make a skatebaord, tell you the materials you need and where to get the materials.

1. venner (hard rock maple for the wood go to
2. tiebond glue 3 ultimite glue
3. molded press
4. jig saw or band saw (if you have one)
5. router of rasp
6. spray paint & clear coat laquer
7. painters tape (blue)

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Step 1: The Venners

For the venners they have to be hardmaple not any other type of maple because pine or oak etc. is a strong or stiff as maple and it won't break as easily. where you can get the venners is at there are only two other sites but for five boards is overs 90 dollars.

the next step is once you get the venners you will have three types of venners they are called

Face- which is a venner that is sanded on one side but not sanded on the other side that is the first venner.

Core layer- it's the same thing as the face but both sides of the venner are not sanded.

Cross band- which is a sheet of venner that is not cut with the grain but is cut going against the grain

This is how the venners are supposed to be layed

Face, Core layer, Cross band, Core layer, Cross Band, Core layer, then the last one is a Face

Step 2: Gluing the Venners

Now once you have all of the venners in the right place for the skatebaord is TIME TO GLUE!!!
If you use any other type of glue beside tiebond your screwed because the other glue doesn't hold as strong as tiebond trust me I've done it before.

Any way for gluing process take a sanded side of the Face on the concrete or were ever you do this, and the unsanded side up. Put glue on the unsanded side of the face then take a core layer and put that on the face do that with the same thing as the cross band 7 times

Step 3: Pressing and Curing

Once you have all of venners glued together it's now time for the pressing process

Take two pieces of cardboard that are about 3 inches wider and longer then the unshaped board.
then, put the mold on it's side and stick the venners between the mold and the cardboard, then take 2 4' channel irons and a about 20" to 16" bolts with nuts and washers. Now put the channel irons in the center of the mold so it gets a good nice press. once this is done let the deck take its shaped for about 1 to 1 1/2 days for it to cure good and strong

Step 4: Designing the Uncut

Once The uncut deck has cured take it out of the mold and remove the cardboard(pieces of the cardboard will stick to the uncut either sand it or try to chisel the cardboard off.). once you got that done it's time to make your design. what I would use a is a design cadd program it makes it more accurate for the nose & tail, you could draw your design out on graph paper. once you have drawn out our design put it on the uncut just don't tape it on yet, figure out how long you want the nose & tail of the board. Once you have everything where you want it make the markings for the trucks then you can start to tape and draw then cut the outline

Step 5: Cutting the Uncut

Once you have the design ready to got is time to cut tea deck out to is shape.

when you do this I would just suggest to use a band saw because it's more accurate of a cut, but if you don't have one you can always use the handy dandy little jigsaw. when you star to cut make for cut I'll show you in the picture, start your cutting.
After you get done cutting it out take a router of a rasp to curve the edges ( thats to make sure you don't get slivers. after that is done sand the entire deck then take steel wool of sand paper ( about 150 to 220 grit) and hand sand till it's super, super smooth. oh don't forget to drill the truck holes

Step 6: Finishing Toches

For this board I'm just going to put a clear lacquer on the bottom and the logo on the part you stand on with clear grip tape (you can get different kinds of grip tape at scheels)

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2 years ago

Lol, i made a comment below ad it said 18 hours ago. Its been under 18 seconds lol. Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more helpful turoirials from you

Ben DangerH

2 years ago

Im looking forward to building one :) your tutorial has been very helpful.

Hey! Cool guys, don't trouble PAPAROACH. Here is the clear description video of how to make a skateboard watch it. Bye :)


5 years ago on Step 3

That question is a ZERO what is this hypothesis.


10 years ago on Introduction

The word is "veneer" not "venner". Don't mean to be picky, but it's a critical term whose incorrectness makes it very hard to figure out what's going on.

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

if you did a skim coating of resin on the edges when you were done you wouldn't get splinters, and aslong as you molded it correctly and sanded it down you wouldn't et splinters.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

i made a board out of plywood a long time ago, it splintered alot, but using an orbital sander cleaned it all up, its now so smooth.