How to Make a Small Lego Battle Scene

Introduction: How to Make a Small Lego Battle Scene

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In this instructable I will tell how to design your own small battle scene.

Step 1: Gather Pieces and Find Somewhere to Build

Before you start building gather some pieces that you think you will need for whatever environment you would like to create. For example in my scene I gathered small blue pieces and tan pieces to build a beach area. When you are looking for pieces make sure you find somewhere to build also. I choose to use one large grey base plate, feel free to use what ever you want.

Step 2: Building the Basic Outline

After you have gathered your pieces you can begin to lay them down. If you want to make your scene elevated more than the regular base plate height you can put some pieces on the base plate before you place the top layer. I decided to elevate my scene one brick higher. Feel free to elevate your scene as much as you want, if you have the extra pieces to do so. After you have your desired height you can begin to add the colored plates to the top. I recommend using multiple colors for example I used tan, dark tan, brown, and light grey, this gives your scene a more realistic and detailed look because the ground isn't usually just one color.

Step 3: Adding Large Details

After you have stacked on the colored plates you can begin adding details. There are multiple things you can put into your scene I choose to put some rocks in my scene, but there is much more you could do. For example you could put trees, bushes, ponds, buildings, and much, much more.

Step 4: Adding Smaller Details

After you have built in the large details its nice to put in some smaller details. One part you could do is add a few more smaller plate pieces onto the scene like I did with the brown pieces to give the ground more texture. After that you can put in tons of other small details, for example: rocks and plants like in my scene.

Step 5: Finishing Up

After you have added all the small details you can start adding mini-figures, ships, vehicles, and anything else you want to be in your scene.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Scene!

I hope you liked this instructable. Please feel free to do more than what I have shown in this instructable. It is your scene, have fun with it and enjoy how good it looks when your done!

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    2 Discussions

    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    5 years ago

    you could make some awesome stop motions with this

    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    5 years ago

    cool good job