How to Make a Small Tractor

How to make a small tractor

Step 1:

Cut pieces of plywood one for tractor and other for trolley

Step 2:

Then make a frame for trolley and make a space for syringe

Step 3:

Then fit the tyre . You can make suspension as you show

Step 4:

Then fit the frame

Step 5:

Then make the upward area of trolley and fit syringe like this

Step 6:

Then make tractor

Step 7:

Now paint this . I paint white and then green and yellow

Step 8:

I paint this

Step 9:

I make the headlights and silencer

Step 10:

My tractor is complete you can ? my video about this simply go to the link



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is a neat looking little model. Well done!


    2 years ago