How to Make a Smart Phone Projector in 5 Minutes



Here i am showing you how to make a smart phone projector in 5 minutes.Its a simple and easy way by using less number of parts


Step 1: We Need

1.a cardboard box( a long one is preferable) magnifying glass click here holder click here adhesive tape

5.cutter blade

Step 2: Steps

1.First cut the hole to fix the magnifying glass on the card board box.

2.Cover the box inner side and top with paint or black paper

3.Increase mobile brightness to maximum

4.Lock the screen and position it inside the box.

5.You can adjust the focus by moving the phone backward and forward

6.Close the box and enjoy the video

Step 3: Check It Before

1.Mount the mobile downward after lock the screen
2.use a flat and smooth surface as screen to project

3.adjust the focus by moving the phone forward and backward for better clarity

4.keep the room completely dark



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