How to Make a Smoke Bomb From a Few Table Tennis Balls




Introduction: How to Make a Smoke Bomb From a Few Table Tennis Balls

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Hello people, in this Instructable I will show you how to make a smoke bomb from a few table tennis balls.

Parts you'll need: 3 table tennis balls, cap, wick, aluminum foil.

Tools you'll need: sharp knife, soldering iron, scissors, superglue, permanent marker, lighter.

And remember: always work safely, do not breathe smoke!


  • 3 table tennis balls
  • cap
  • wick
  • aluminum foil
  • sharp knife
  • soldering
  • iron
  • scissors
  • superglue
  • permanent marker
  • lighter

Step 1: Make a Gap in 1 Ping Pong Ball

Grab a sharp knife and make a hole of about 25 millimeters in the ping-pong ball.

Step 2: Place Aluminum Foil on the Inside

Take a piece of aluminum foil and place it inside the ping-pong ball.

Press it well against the edges.

Step 3: Fill the Ping-pong Ball

Cut 2 ping pong balls into small pieces, put these pieces in the ping pong ball with the hole.

Then cut off the protruding edge of aluminum foil with scissors.

Step 4: Prepare the Cap

Take a cap from a bottle of soda, make a hole for the fuse with the soldering iron. make a number of holes on the side of the cap, these are for the air supply and to let out the smoke.

Step 5: Place the Cap

Put the wick in the ping pong ball. Put some glue on the edge of the cap, feed the wick through the hole and stick the cap on the ping-pong ball. Press it well for a few seconds.

Step 6: Ready!

Ready! just personalize it and then light that smoke bomb.

In the video you can see the result and operation:

And remember, work safely!

Bye, see you next time!

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    1 year ago

    They look pretty cute. Not hard to make. One caveat though-
    Plastic smoke is pretty poisonous. Be careful when using this.