How to Make a Soil Moisture Sensor DIY [ARDUINO/ESP COMPATIBLE]

Introduction: How to Make a Soil Moisture Sensor DIY [ARDUINO/ESP COMPATIBLE]


in this guide we will see how to build a soil moisture sensor from scratch!

It is very inexpensive and is compatible with all types of microcontrollers, from the electrical point of view the circuit is presented as a simple pension divider.


  • Screw
  • Cables
  • 10kohm Resistor

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Step 1: Draw the Circuit

The circuit is presented as a voltage divider, as the water present in the ground varies, the electrical resistance of it varies across the two screws, by varying the resistance, the voltage varies at the outputs of the voltage divider.

As the ground is completely humid, the resistance between the ends of the two screws tends to zero, so the voltage is all across the input of the microcontroller to which you will attach the sensor.

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Simply connect the two cables to the screws and weld the resistance, it's very simple!

Step 3: Done!

Now you have built your new soil moisture sensor at a very low price!

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