How to Make a Solar Garden Light




Hy guys this is my first diy project in instructables,,, hope you like it !!!!

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Step 1: Materials Required

1. Solar pannel
2.1.2v Battery with holder
3. Led (white or any other)
4. 33uh inductor
5. IC 5252F

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Connect the ic and inductor as per the circuit diagram, here i used 2.5v solar pannel and 1.2 v nimh battery.

The integrated circuit (5252F) does several things. It charges the 1.2 volt battery during the day, using power from the 2.5 volt solar cell. It detects when the solar cell is in the dark, and starts up the circuit inside that boosts the 1.2 volts from the battery to over 3 volts, and sends that to the LED.

Place the circuit into any box or any other waterproof body, its easy to make

Step 3: Final Project

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    1 year ago


    Can you suggest how to place 5252F on Eagle schematic? Do you know any library?