How to Make a Solar Oven

Solar ovens are a simple, safe, and the most convenient way to cook food without using fossil fuels or heating up an oven/stove. Solar ovens absorbs and use the suns UV rays to heat up/cook the food inside the oven. The suns rays converts into heat energy that cooks the food and the heat energy is then retained by the food in the pot while covered by a lid so the heat does not escape. Solar ovens are natural, fire and smoke free, reduces risks of being burned, preserves nutrients of the food, does not burn food, and especially helps poverty stricken areas. Solar ovens are very convenient, simple, transportable, and can be used anywhere.

Step 1: Get a Pizza Box and Aluminum Foil

Get a pizza box and put aluminum foil around the first layer of opening of the box. Make sure that the cover is completely covered with aluminum foil. The purpose of this is for reflection. The aluminum foil reflects the sun onto the oven so that it hits the solar oven and cooks the food. Also, the aluminum foil is good at reflecting and keeping heat in the box.

Step 2: Get Saran Wrap or Plastic Covering

Open the top of the pizza box. Using saran wrap or plastic covering, tape it to the top layer of the pizza box. Make sure that it's secured tight and you can still open the second layer of the pizza box. The purpose of covering the top is for transparency and retention. Since plastic is transparent, it allows light to pass through. It also holds it and traps in the heat and energy to heat up whatever food is being cooked. It is also known as insulating.

Step 3: Get Black Construction Paper

Lift up the first two layers of the box until the bottom shows. Cover the inside and the lining of the box with two layers of black construction paper. The purpose of this is for absorption to take place. Black is a color that absorbs heat the best, so the heat reflected off the aluminum foil will hit the bottom of the box lined with black construction paper. The plastic wrap will retain the heat.

Step 4: Roll Up the Black Construction Paper

To further cover the inside of the box, roll up some black construction paper and cover the four sides. Make sure that it's completely covered and there's no cardboard showing from the inside of the box. This will allow the heat to be retained and kept inside.

Step 5: Get Two Cardboard Flaps and Aluminum Foil

Cut the flaps accordingly. Add aluminum foil around the two flaps to make sure no cardboard is showing. Then, tape it to the first layer of the box that already has aluminum foil in it. The purpose of this is to further reflect heat and keep it reflective towards the inside of the box.

Step 6: Put a Plate Inside the Box

Get a plate (preferably Black) and put whatever food is being cooked on it. In this case, an egg. Cover it with the plastic layer and leave the first layer with the aluminum foil up so the sun will reflect to the food. Face the two flaps towards the box. This will allow egg to be cooked.



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    2 years ago

    Hey, cool! It's nice to see that you were able to actually cook something with it. Thanks for sharing the steps! :)