How to Make a Soldering / Glue Gun CONTROLLER


Introduction: How to Make a Soldering / Glue Gun CONTROLLER


Step 1: To Do Temperature Controller for Solderer You Need!!!

How to make a simple power controller for solderer to slightly change strain on the heating element, which will make soldering process much easier.

Step 2: It’s Very Simple and Easy to Make Controller for Solderer!

In order to keep the working part of solderer heated well all the time, it is needed to provide it an optimal temperature.

Step 3: Thanks for Watching!!!



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    Yes , I have used " light dimmers " to control resistive heating loads like a soldering iron , they basically control the power ( not temperature , exactly ) but they work pretty good when you want to turn the heat down for whatever reason . Using the correct heat-range soldering tool for the job makes a difference as well ( I have several irons/guns that range from 25watts to 325watts , if I ever need more heat than that , i get out a torch ! ) A couple of suggestions , if you don't mind . A wet sponge is always a nice addition to a soldering station to clean the tip between solder joints . Also I usually don't use a separate flux . A good quality rosin core solder ( like Multicore Savbit or even Kester #44 ) will do a good job . For the stiff wire you made the soldering iron holder out of , I would recommend using 304 stainless filler wire ( it is used to TIG weld , and is available from welding supply dealers , or if you know someone who does that kind of work , they might give you a left-over piece ! )

    Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!........73

    This does not explain anything. I'm as wise as before looking at this. I just guess you used a dimmer circuit to control the iron`s power. I prefer my Ersa with temperature control.