How to Make a Stopmotion (lego)

Introduction: How to Make a Stopmotion (lego)

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Hi guys, this is only my second instructable. I decided to do a stopmotion because they're fun to do even though they takes ages so I hope you like it;) Please comment on what you think and check out my first instructable of how to make a sponge cake:)

Step 1: You Need

  • Any form of camera (if its a physical camera make sure its a wifi capable)
  • Characters for your stopmption
  • Serious patience
  • Time
  • Storage (on your device)
  • A stopmotion/video editing app/software

Step 2: Stopmotions

Stopmotions can be a really long and hard process even though they look easy and cool. But if you have the time and patience to do one they actually are really easy.

Step 3: How to Do a Stopmotion

To do a stopmotion you need to take a lot of pictures. A 5-8 second stopmotion is average 100-150 pics even though it doesn't seem like it when you're doing it.

Every shot, you need to move the character/characters a tiny bit. If you wanted your character to walk from one end of the screen to the other end you would need to move the character a very tiny bit each time you take a picture.

Step 4: Moving the Character

In stopmotions you make things or toys move. When you move the character/characters try not to bump it because in the next shot that character won't be in the same position.

Step 5: Tips for a Good Stopmotion

Have a good background. That way if the camera moves the background won't change as much as if it would if it had no background.

Step 6: Lighting

Having good lighting in a stopmotion is a must. I recommend a lamp because there are no shadows but you can also use natural daylight.

Step 7: Finishing Your Stopmotion

After you've taken all your pictures, put them on an editing app/software. On Videoshow (top picture) you need to click photo video, select all of your photos (in ORDER) then set duration to 0.1 seconds. Make sure there is no theme selected.

In iMovie just select the photos and set duration to the same time. Have fun with your stopmotion:) Please comment and like and check out my first instructable:)

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    4 years ago

    Lego stopmotion is so fun! Thanks for sharing!