How to Make a Story About You (written by an 8 Year Old)




Introduction: How to Make a Story About You (written by an 8 Year Old)

In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to write a personal narrative

Step 1: Materials

Get a piece of paper that you can use to brainstorm ideas for a story about you.

Step 2: Brainstorming

Make sure you have space for 4 ideas. If you have a big piece of paper you can do small pictures at the bottom.

Step 3: Remembering

Start thinking about some very special things that happened to you in your life and think of four of those. On the bottom you can draw a small picture if you want.

Step 4: Ask for Feedback

Next ask your dad, mom, anybody which story about you they like best . But if your mom, dad says that she or he likes another story than you like you don’t have to do the one they pick because you are the author.

Step 5: Sketch

After you pick your favorite story get another paper the same size also get sticky notes. On each sticky note draw the main events.

Step 6: Begin Writing

Now we are going to write. If you are really good with the computer you can type your story but if you are not good on the computer then you can write on paper and ask your mom or dad or anybody to type your story. For me it took two weeks to write it.

Step 7: Type It Up

After you write your story ask your mom, dad, anybody to write your story on the computer.

Step 8: Revise

After that you probably have some revisions to make so do that.

Step 9: Print Copies

Finally ask your mom, dad to print out your story for friends to read and enjoy.

Step 10: ​Thank You for Reading My How To

About the author

Aidan Reimer is a third Grader at Isabella Bird Community School.

Aidan loves to play soccer on his free time.

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    2 years ago

    Great work. Thank you for this insite on how you write. It's well thought out and practical. Great work.