How to Make a Striped Friendship Bracelet




Introduction: How to Make a Striped Friendship Bracelet

This tutorial will teach you how to make a striped friendship bracelet

Materials needed:
-Colored string (they make friendship bracelet string but embroidery floss will work as well)

Skills needed:
-The ability to tie knots 

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Step 1: Choose at Least 3 Colors of String

Step 2: Measure String

Measure the string from your shoulder to your wrist (this is only approximate, it doesn't have to be perfect)

Step 3: Cut 3 Pieces of Each Color of String

Step 4: Knot All of the Strings Together

Make sure to leave a tail above the knot so you can tie the two ends together at the end 

Step 5: Tape the Knotted Ends to a Hard Surface

You can use cardboard, a table, the back of a chair, or even your leg for this 

Step 6: Sort Strings

Sort the string so that the colors are in the order that you want and the strings of every color are next to each other 

Step 7: Start Your Knots

Hold the second string in your dominate hand and make 2 forward knots.

To make a forward knot drape the first string over the second one making the shape of a 4 (as shown above) and then wrap the tail of the first strand under the second one pulling it to the top then pulling it tight. 

Step 8: Continue Knotting

Using the first string make two forward knots across all the other strings one at a time until you run out of strings 

Step 9: Start a New Row

Once you get to the end of all the strings, pick up the new first string and repeat step 9 until the bracelet is the length that you want it to be

Step 10: Knot Ends

Once your bracelet is the length that you want it to be knot all the strings together and tie the two ends together 

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I made one and it turned pretty good thanks to this tutorial! But i can't send a pic sadly because my device just doesn't want to:( But thanks again!


    5 years ago

    i know this technique too... very interesting