How to Make a Super-Bad(er) Rave Mask (again)!

Introduction: How to Make a Super-Bad(er) Rave Mask (again)!

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Hey folks!

gardnsound here, with another rave mask for you.  Because the feedback from the last one was so positive, I decided to make another!

This one is for people who want a cool rave mask, but don't want to hassle with soldering and mounting LEDs to a welding mask.  So, it's a little more simple but still amounts to an impressive product.

For this instructable you will need:

A face shield (with a head strap)
El wire 
Zip ties
Black electrical tape

Step 1: Get a Mask.

Step one is the exact same as last time.

You can be a little more flexible this time, because the wire is bendable and easy to adhere to multiple surfaces with the correct adhesive.  I encourage people to build masks with other bases and post them on this step so that I can see how creative you can be with this basic idea.

Note:  This design also requires that the mask you choose have a head strap for easily attaching the EL wire battery pack.

Step 2: (w)Rap Music

For this step we are going to carefully adhere the EL wire to the mask using (in this case) hot glue.

Again, you can use whatever glue you prefer.  I prefer hot glue because it's fast, easy, and does not smell bad.

Wrap it around the inside edge of the mask in bands so that it's even and flush with the earlier bands and the inside of the mask.  You don't want the wire to stick up on ridges of glue, because you'll be able to see it from the exterior.  The purpose of this interior lighting is to "uplight" your face like the creepy mach V diving helmets from the 90s sci-fi movie:  "The Abyss."

Note:  BE CAREFUL when applying the glue and bending the wires.  These wires can break if bent too violently, and the coating may melt if it comes into direct contact with the tip of the glue gun.  I found that putting the glue down first, waiting about 2 seconds and then laying the wire down into it (like brick and mortar) worked the best and kept the wire nice and cool/safe.

ALSO:  The hot glue strands are very hard to get off of the clear plastic.  Try to avoid this if at all possible.  If you do get some on there, don't worry; it wipes off fairly easily with a rough cloth.

Step 3: Black It Out.

After you've wrapped your wire around a few times inside the mask, use the excess line to secure the battery pack to the back (or side, if you choose) of the headband. 

At this point, there might be some leftover wire that will glow and is not attached to the inside of the mask.  Wrap this in black electrical tape to block out the light, so that it looks like there's only illuminated wire inside the mask.  I've noticed people do this before with neon signs, except they use black paint.

Use a ziptie to secure the battery pack.

Note:  Put the batteries in first, lol.  I put the pack on the head band without the batteries, and then almost cut my finger off with snips when i had to remove it to put the batteries in.  Live and learn.

Step 4: Put It On!

Wear your new rave mask with pride.  Take a picture of yourself in the mirror like a complete goober, if you wish.  This mask works the best in pitch black environments and low light environments.  It makes your face have an eerie skeletal look to it.



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