How to Make a TRAP DOOR to Protect Your Base!!!


Introduction: How to Make a TRAP DOOR to Protect Your Base!!!

Today were going to learn how to make an awesome

TRAP DOOR to protect your base!!!

Step 1: Protect Your Awsome Base

So you built your very first Minecraft base only to have it destroyed by some guy with some TNT. Now if only you had read this Instructable that could have been prevented. So here we go, how to keep your base safe with a few easy steps.

Step 2: Make Room

Now first things first you are going to want to hollow out your entrance a little, but it is good to start with a 2x2 hallway and then hollow it out from there.

Step 3: Wiring It All Up

Now you want make sure you have a pressure plate down and place some of your Redstone down in a line working its way up to two parallel pistons (make sure there sticky pistons) and attach two blocks of stone to them. After doing that step on the pressure plate to make sure that it works.

Step 4: Reapeat Step Three

Now repeat step three on the opposite side of the hallway.


Now the last thing you want to do is to disguise it so whoever tries to intrude is unaware of the trap. Just cover all the blocks you can without destroying your Redstone as that would sever the connection between the pressure plate and the sticky piston. Also consider changing the pressure plates to math their surroundings better.

Step 6: All Done

Now have no fear of intruders as you have made it to the end of this instruction and will be well protected against all foes.



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    5 Discussions

    Well for the sacrifice of a door lock you have to find another exit to your base

    What if you're not there

    @awar I know that I could've used trip wires but it looked too out of place. Thanks for the tip though.

    Instead of pressure plates you could also use a trip wire

    Thanks for sharing :)