How to Make a TV-B-Gone Hard Case


Introduction: How to Make a TV-B-Gone Hard Case

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In this simple instructable I am going to show you how to make a TV-B-Gone Hard Case. This will protect your TV-B-Gone Kit from were and tear and will also make it look less like a terrorist weapon.

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

TV-B-Gone Kit (assembled)- I won one in a contest and bought one. They cost $19.50
Toilet paper tube-
Tape- Scotch will do.

Scissors- If they can cut thin cardboard they will work

Step 2: Make It!

Now cut the tub down so it is just as long as the TV-B-Gone. The Fold over one side and tape it in place. Now carefully cut out a place for the button and LED light. Then Tape it up on all of the sides. Now your done. It is not pretty but it will do the job. I had a hard time finding a project box for it so this will do the job temporarily.
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    It Looks Like A Bomb Now. Not the Thing that Sets off the bomb

    Looks like something you don't want to take to the airport.

    I didn't know that but that makes a lot of sense. I bet you could turn off a tv and then switch chips and stop people from turning them back on with the remote.

    much enjoyment when dining out -- it allows you to actually hear the people sitting at your table since the TV's off. I love mine!