How to Make a Table Saw - Anti KickBack for DIY Table Saw - Guard, Splitter, Pawls




Intro: How to Make a Table Saw - Anti KickBack for DIY Table Saw - Guard, Splitter, Pawls

Hello Friends!

Today, I would like to go back and continue the Topic of "How to make a table saw" that I mentioned under the link:

How to make a table saw

Today, we are going to make the components supporting table
saws include: splitter, guard, anti-kickback pawls.

I have made a video describing the process of making the components above, you can see here:

Playlist to make a table saw

Step 1: Make the Splitter.

You need to use a plate steel with size of about 200mm x

300mm x 2.5mm, then used the saw to cut steel plate under the parasols and the desired shape.

Design your spliter core holding Guard and anti-kickback Pawls.

Step 2: Make the Anti-kickback Pawls.

You continue to use the plate steel to cut the line with

two-dimensional shape with serrated saws wood downwind. The wood-aliasing helps embryos move in one direction only, to avoid being shocked by the impact of the blade.

Step 3: Make the Guard

You can use the Mica (Acrylic) to make Guard, make

sure that increased aesthetics. Here, I use about 8mm thickness Mica.

Guard has been designed to be able to latch mounting Splitter easily.

Step 4: Assemble the Parts Together and Inserted in Table Saws.

I used screw types to link the components together and paired with table saws. Split tongue is attached to the saw table through a right angle and easily removable fasteners through.

Step 5: Complete and Enjoy the Results.

Wish you happy, and one day work efficiently!



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    So, where can I check that out ?


    2 years ago

    Good sharing~keep up the good work


    2 years ago

    For future reference: pawl. Critters have paws.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Oops! Thank you so much! I'll revise it ^^


    2 years ago

    Such a system is a very good idea for a saw, it is also reality that one can probably get the one a neighbor has taken off his saw and put on a shelf. ☺

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