How to Make a Tablet Holder in 1 Minute

Introduction: How to Make a Tablet Holder in 1 Minute


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Step 1: To Do a Tablet Holder in 1 Minute You Need!

We need:
- two plastic cards
- gas-jet or lighter (you should watch the fire not to burn a card, control the temperature).

Step 2: How to Make a Small Tablet Holder.

2.7 cm
1.5 cm
3 cm
1 cm
0.7 cm

Step 3: Hand Made Stylish Plastic Tablet or Phone Stand.

Step 4: Thanks for Watching!!!

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    3 years ago

    Looks good!

    However, would you swap out your current main image in the intro, to use a photo of the actual thing you made? As is, we cannot feature or promote this - but we would love to.

    You could just grab a still image from your video to use as the main image that will show on your profile, and around on the site. Let me know if you make the change. Thanks!


    Sam (seamster)

    Community Manager