How to Make a Talking Origami Head




Brought to you from the AHP company, we present the Talking Origami Head. Or as we like to call them, Clammy/Clammantha. We highly suggest making some with your children, and your whole family.

Step 1: Grab an Index Card

Grab an ordinary index card and get ready to do some origami!

Step 2: Easy Folding

Fold on the black lines. Make them crisp, but not too crisp.

Step 3: Funny Folding

Fold along the green lines. Also make these lines crisp. Refer to the second picture to show how to fold the green lines.

Step 4: Peaceful Folding

Fold on the red lines. Very simple step.

Step 5: Final Folds!

Hold the card like It shows in the picture, push on the red area and pull on the green areas.

Step 6: Customization

Once your Clammy/Clammantha has the basic shape, you can customize it with different faces and accessories. We made our Clammy a baseball star! Also, to operate your Clammy/Clammantha grab the two green tab areas in the last step and move them back and forth, and your Clammy/Clammantha talks!
We hope you enjoy this small and easy family project.




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